You Need

  • A Fabric Tape Measure
  • Ten to twenty minutes.

It would help if

  • You had assistance from a friend when measuring (although the majority of the measurements can easily be self-taken, we have found the process to be faster if you have someone readily available to assist you. In addition, if you would rather use a local tailor or seamstress, we will refund the measuring cost up to $25 in the form of an in store coupon).
  • You wore a good fitting dress-shirt and slacks. If you do not have these items, any form-fitting clothing will suffice (to include a t-shirt and boxers). No jeans and empty your pockets!

About Measuring

  • When taking measurements the tape should be held flat against the body; it should be held snug enough so not droop, but never so tight as to feel restrictive.
  • All measurements should be taken to the nearest quarter (.25) inch.
  • Do not add wiggle room to your measurements. We will adjust the fit based off of your selected preferences and build. All measurements are “skin measurements”.